Mission Statement

We are licensed Investment Bankers helping business owners measure, maximize and realize the value of their business ownership interests, by providing business valuation, merger & acquisition and corporate finance services.

 Our Approach

 Purchasing or selling a business is most often a “once in a lifetime event”.  The business owner is the “Owner” of the team; we act as his or her “Coach”, by offering advice that will help them make wise decisions surrounding these lifetime events.  Settling business disputes happens more frequently, but are still significant lifetime events.

 We follow the “Four P’s” – Planning, Process, Passion, Partnership – surrounding the Coaching we offer Owners.

 Planning. Whatever goal the Owner is trying to achieve, it should arise out of a plan of some kind.  As it relates to any business, we believe there are three overlapping plans: Business Plan, Exit Plan and Estate Plan; and, the overall Life Plan of the Owner.

 Process.  We believe in educating our clients regarding the Processes we will be following in helping them achieve their goals.  That way, no one is “in the dark” about where we stand in achieving the desired result.  We employ four processes:  Business Valuation Process, Business Acquisitions ProcessBusiness Sales Process, and Business Mediation Process.

 Passion.  We have a passion for learning.  We continually strive to increase our knowledge and skills in areas that will help Owners achieve their goals.  This includes developing both our technical skills and people skills.  The saying is “knowledge is power”.  We believe real power is a combination of knowledge (mind) and passion (heart).

 Partnership. We want to work with clients who like us, and we like them.  Our first objective is to come to understand our client’s underlying values, to ensure they are in sync with ours.  Building trust and respect becomes the cornerstone of the Owner/Coach relationship needed in helping Owners make these lifetime decisions.